Coverages and Benefits

Every ASSIST CARD holder is given with the card and free of charge an Accidental Death Coverage hired at insurance companies and that will be valid for trips abroad made during the validity of the card. The covered amount rises up to U$S 1,000,000.00 and will depend on the ASSIST CARD product you purchase. IMPORTANT: We recommend reading the General Conditions corresponding to each product.
It is very well known that millions of pieces of luggage are misplaced yearly in air trips, and that a very high proportion of them is never found again. Whenever your luggage has been misplaced by an airline, you must immediately phone our nearest Alarm Center from the airport. Our Assistance Coordinators will immediately start the luggage-tracking operation in the airport of departure, stopovers and airport of destination. We know that the first hours once the loss is detected are crucial for the finding of the luggage and this is the reason why it is essential that we are informed directly from the airport. In case the luggage is found, we will instruct the airline to deliver the luggage to you. In some cases, when customs must be cleared, it is possible that you must personally go to the airport to pick up the luggage. Some ASSIST CARD products include LOST OR DELAYED LUGGAGE COVERAGE that provides an indemnity or compensation in case the bag is not found within a specified time frame. This is not theft coverage (for instance when you find out that stuff has been robbed from inside a bag or when a piece of luggage is stolen from your hotel room, at the street or even at the airport) but insurance for the delay or loss produced by the airline when the piece of luggage was checked in at the airline counter to be sent into the luggage compartment of the airplane. In these cases, in order to collect the covered amounts, you will be requested to fulfill the requirements established by the Insurance Company hired by ASSIST CARD, among which the most important are: a) always inform ASSIST CARD before leaving the airport, and b) submit the receipts corresponding to the type of compensation or indemnity the ASSIST CARD product purchased eventually includes. Compensation for expenses arising from delayed or lost luggage This compensation will allow you to recover the amount you spent to purchase basic-need items due to delay or loss of a piece of luggage checked into the luggage compartment of a regular airline international flight. If the product you purchased includes a coverage for up to U$S 1200 and if you have fulfilled the Insurance Company’s requirements established in the General Conditions, in case the piece of luggage has not been located within 36 hours from the moment ASSIST CARD has been notified from the airport, the Insurance Company will reimburse up to U$S 200 for expenses for the purchase of first-need items. And if after 10 days from the first call from the airport the luggage has not already been found and you are still traveling with a valid card, you may obtain up to U$S 1000 for the same reason. In case the piece of luggage is found later, it will be delivered to you regardless of the amount that has been paid for compensation. Indemnity for total loss of a piece of luggage The Insurance Company pays this indemnity once the piece of luggage has been declared as non-located by the Airline and therefore has paid you the corresponding amount. According to the ASSIST CARD product purchased, the Insurance Company pays the corresponding amounts either “in addition” or “as a complement” to the amount paid by the airline. “In addition” means that, independently from the amount paid by the airline, the coverage hired by ASSIST CARD will be fully paid up to the amount established within your voucher. “As a complement” means that if the total amount established in the ASSIST CARD product purchased is up to U$S 1200 and the airline paid you for instance U$S 600, the insurance company will pay a maximum of U$S 600; if the airline paid you U$S 200, the Insurance company will pay you U$S 1000, etc. IMPORTANT: We recommend reading the General Conditions corresponding to each product and especially the kind of coverage each one eventually includes.
You will be able to print ASSIST CARD stickers to identify your passport, airline tickets and other documents so that whoever finds them can contact any ASSIST CARD office free of charge to return them. Also, our efficient staff will assist you in order to replace lost or stolen tickets or any other travel documents. In the case of credit cards, we will make the reports to the credit card companies. In the case of travel documents, and since the paperwork in consulates and/or police stations is obviously personal, what we will do to help you is to provide the most complete information on the formalities and steps to be taken (requirements, hours of attention, addresses, etc.). We will also contact the travel agency that issued your tickets in order to have these re-issued.
In case your flight has been cancelled, delayed or although your reservation had been duly confirmed you could not board it, and any of these circumstances imply over 6 hours of delay, you must simply call our local Alarm Center to be authorized and instructed on how to proceed to be reimbursed for food, telephone or other expenses up to the amount established for the ASSIST CARD product purchased.
ASSIST CARD will provide you with essential medical assistance wherever you may be, either organizing a visit to the doctor's office or sending a doctor to the hotel, or an ambulance if required. In case specialized consultation is necessary, we will arrange appointments with qualified specialists in cardiology, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, etc. Also we will make the necessary arrangements for clinical studies, X rays, lab analysis as well as we will proceed with hospitalization, if required, at the most-qualified medical center.

These services include all of the medical procedures that may be needed, from lab tests or CT scans to the most complicated surgical operations. And also, in case of a traumatological problem, up to 10 kynesiotherapy sessions.

What must you do in case of an accident or symptoms of an illness?

Simply call our nearest Alarm Center or, should there be any communication problem, any other ASSIST CARD office. We have over 48, strategically distributed worldwide. And most of them can be accessed through Toll Free lines, that is to say absolutely for free. We are always near our customers.

At that moment, our assistances coordinator will for instance contact any of the physicians belonging to our network and, whenever possible, will send him/her to your hotel or set an appointment at the doctor?s office. In the case of an appointment at the doctor?s office, ASSIST CARD will pay for the transfer.

Of course not all of our physicians are polyglots. We select them because of their professional skills and not because of the quantity of languages they speak. This is why we cannot always guarantee that the physician will speak your language. In case the physician does not speak your language, you must simply call the ASSIST CARD Alarm Center and the emergency operator will work as an interpreter between the physician and you.